Tui Na massage

More than just a massage

Tuina is a complete manual therapy system which principles come from theories of traditional Chinese medicine. It includes a set of methods and techniques of osteoarticular massage and standardization, muscular and and visceral (rotation, tinkling, bearing and thrust pressures).
Taking into account both the anatomical appearance and the energy aspect of meridians theory, Tuina massage is a powerful therapeutic tool which treats bone, articular, ligament and muscular diseases, as well as disorders such as constipation, menstrual pains, nausea and poor blood circulation.

Why Tui Na?

Tui Na is known to improve blood circulation, activate lymphatic system (responsible for the bacteria destruction and body supply of white blood cells) and regulate the nervous system (thus reducing degenerative actions).

Tui Na is also known to improve articular and muscular functions. Hence, it is particularly suitable for conditions such as:

• cervical, back or lumbar aches
• cervical spondylitis
• backache
• frozen shoulder
• sprain
• slipped disc

• headache
• tennis elbow
• carpal tunnel syndrome
• knees or ankles pain and injury
• muscular and articular pains
• sciatica (sciatic nerve

Chinese massage is also a source of integration of mental and emotional plans. Thus, it will be very effective to relieve stress and bring peace of the mind.

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