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Sciatica and lower back pain

Sciatica and lower back pain are the most common symptoms of musculoskeletal origin. They can occur at all ages. According to statistics, 50% of the population of Western countries suffers from sciatica and lower back pain, according to World Health Organization (WHO), but the population...

girl with wet towel on forehead

About 30% of the population suffers from chronic migraine headaches. Migraine is one of the most common pain in the world, especially for women. Women suffer more migraines than men (twice more). History teaches us that the human being has always been victim of headaches...

Dysmenorrhea or painful periods

Dysmenorrhea refers to the symptom of painful menstruation. Pain generally seats in the lower abdomen or sacral region. Many women experience it every month and, despite the several existing medications and treatments, it is hard for them to find an effective solution. Acupuncture can help women...