Smoking and addictions

Quit smoking with acupuncture

Many people use acupuncture to quit smoking. Serenity is pleased to offer this treatment in our Jerusalem clinic in Israel.

First, defining the problem

It is important to define the problem since smoking is not a disease but a decision you take and then becomes an addiction that is hard to break. When someone decides to quit smoking, one goes to the weaning stage. This is a difficult period because stress sets in, thus causing symptoms such as nervousness, mood swings, weight gain, dizziness or lack of concentration.

The role of acupuncture

The role of acupuncture is to act on the patient’s will and to reduce the main symptoms detailed above. Numerous techniques already exist, including conventional needle and auriculotherapy through electrical stimulation of some areas of the body. During the first consultation, Hillel Ouaknin defines which method is the most adapted to you.

However, quit smoking requires efforts

The person who engages in such an challenge must be certain to do so in order to maximize the chances of success. Your will and determination will make the difference.

Serenity  offers special attention to your needs by working with the above methods to finally make you join the ranks of non-smoking people and enjoy a healthy and harmonious life. Contact-us to schedule an appointment.

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