Dysmenorrhea or painful periods


22 Apr Dysmenorrhea or painful periods

Dysmenorrhea refers to the symptom of painful menstruation. Pain generally seats in the lower abdomen or sacral region. Many women experience it every month and, despite the several existing medications and treatments, it is hard for them to find an effective solution.

Acupuncture can help women and relieve pain.

According to Chinese medicine, the liver and some meridians are responsible for the physiology of menstruation. Indeed, a good flow of liver energy allows proper blood circulation – and therefore, menstruations occur without pain. On the contrary, if the energy of the liver does not flow properly, stomach pain can occur.

Several causes can generate this energy blockage:
– Emotional tensions, common factor, can cause stagnation of vital energy and pain.
– Cold and humidity can also cause uterine contractions and, eventually, blood stasis in the uterus.
– Overwork and chronic diseases may also cause a disorder of uterine vasculature.
Acupressure, acupuncture and herbology (associated with proper diet) can release this energy stagnation and allow painless period. These treatments are designed to rebalance the flow of vital energy that flows through the meridians of the body. The first consultation with Hillel Ouaknin lasts approximately one hour for an accurate diagnosis. Describing your pain will allow him to adapt your treatment: when the pain occurs, how much it lasts, where it is located…

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